Splash! Suddenly, I heard something drop in the water. When I searched for the source of the sound, I saw something outrageous. I saw a dead woman with red gown and a knife right at her chest. My heart pounded fast as I was the only left at the fort. I tried to approach the body but something stunned me. There was a time bomb attached to her chest. I then took out my tools : I am disarming the bomb. I rushed to the dead body and tried to remove the bomb as it was too dark to shut it down in the middle of the cold night. I forced out the thing but suddenly I realized I was holding a liver in my hand. I fainted.

“Daniel… Daniel… open up your eyes,” suddenly a soft and lovely voice woke my eyes. My wife Sara rubbed my head and help me to got up. She showed me the liver that I held with my hand before I fainted. “This would taste good, dear!” I took the liver quickly and explained to her what the liver actually was. She replied with an evil laugh. “There was no such thing as a dead woman, Daniel, there was just a stinky dead wild bear shot by Max,” I could not believe her words and tried to convince Sara that his eyes were not lying. However, I finally gave up and agreed to have that liver for dinner. Actually, I wanted to attract her attention and I would switch the liver with cow’s liver.

After Sara ate the cow’s liver, something magical happened. Sara’s old face suddenly change to become exactly the same with the woman that I met last night! I blinked a couple of times hoping that her face would become normal but her face was still like that. Enraged, I took a sharp kitchen knife. “Hey, why are you holding the knife?” Sara said as her face turned back to normal. I became confused and in the confusion, I struck Sara with the knife.

Sara’s blood splattered all over the place but instead of screaming painly; she just stayed unmoved and smiled cruelly at me. Unsatisfied with the smile, I stabbed her face continuously that there was no smile left. My hands were trembling after viciously murdering Sara, as I did not really know the true intentions of my drastic actions. I dropped the knife and turned my back to her. Then, I heard a high-pitched squeking sound from my back. Sara was still alive and she started to creep towards me, without waiting any longer, I dashed to my jeep and accelerated into the woods. Sara was now nowhere in sight. As I thought everything was fine, Sara suddenly appeared in front of my jeep and smashed its front view glass with her hands. The glass cracked and her blood gushed every where. Immediately, I reached my hand to the rifle under the back seat. I aimed the rifle exactly in the middle of her two eyes. I poked her eyes with the end of the rifle because I did not have the nerve to kill her after I had stabbed her many times before.

In that panic moment, I opened the door and jumped out of te jeep and let Sara to fall down the valley together with the jeep. I watched Sara with watery eyes when I was back on my feet. However, the sad feeling ended when Sara emerged from the bottom of the valley, levitating herself in the air, with her eyes becoming brightly red. She lift her right arm. Her index finger pointing straight towards me and my hair starting to stand. “You…” she said with a very scared voice like she was having a sore throat. “I want you……”

“In your dream!” I yelled at her.

Then she flew towards me and bit me on my neck. Suddenly, my body started to grow faster than before. Soon, I finally discovered that I have transferred into a big, ugly, funny werewolf. I chocked her by the neck and spin myself a few rounds rapidly before I threw her to the trees. However, she had this some kind of power where she seems to be indestructible and I started to get really confused. When I was about to attack her for the second time, my body was shaking. My body had change again : into an elephant!

I quickly ran into the nearby river and sucked all the water there. I then dashed to the nearest ‘Family Store’ and grabbed some sponge and soap with my silvery trunk. After paying all the products at the cashier, I quickly dashed to Sara who was busy sharpening her teeth. The cashier was very confused; Why is an elephant went to a grocery store and paid for all of the purchased items? Suddenly, flying saucer land in front of me and there were many aliens inside it. The aliens introduced themselves and said, “We come in peace, we come for her, we come for her, we come for her…” Without wasting any time, I blasted the aliens with water from my trunk and they turned into beautiful ladies. They then smile gracefully and said something that similar to thank you. But after they finished their words, an alien with educated-dressed came in front and translated the words :

“Go to hell, uncivilized creatures.”

I chanted some spells that I learned from my granny which turned the aliens into highly-trained guineapigs. Luckily, a well-known movie director suddenly appeared and took all of them to star in his movie; ‘G-Force’. For the aliens, the director gave them a chance to star in District 9 movie, after they changed back into the alien form.

Then, the dead lady with a bomb appeared out of nowhere. She started to dance and rubbed the bomb to all over the body like she was bathing. She also licked and sucked her elbow with a pleasured face as her elbow was really delicious. Then came that Sara, with her face filled with blood due to her crash impact to the trees, trying to become that *****‘s ally.

I had no idea what they were trying to do so I just danced together with the dead lady. When I started to dance together, they paralyzed as no movement made by them.

Suddenly, a very bright light came out from the flying saucer left by the aliens and the place change to disco floor meanwhile both lady dance just like Micheal Jackson in “Thriller” video clip.

Then, I kneeled in silence, praying for MJ peace. Out of nowhere, Sara challenged me to a Xiaolin Showdown and the dead lady offered herself to become the referee. Since I was still in the form of an ELEPHANT (dah lupe ke?), I initially refused to fight Sara. “Coward! I shall kill you now!,” said Sara to me. Suddenly, all my body started to shrink back to normal but my expectation was wrong. I was back to normal when I realized that I turned into a “H1N1 virus. This is my chance; I dashed to both of them and attack their immune system. Both of them screamed in pain and agony…

As I got out of their bodies, both of them were lying on the ground, probably dead. Or probably not.

Authored by,

Taufiq, Harris, Daman, Syahir, Ilham, Arif, Firdaus, Jazmi, I’zzat & Sazzale